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TransCode Therapeutics


TransCode Therapeutics is an emerging RNA oncology company, created on the belief that cancer can be defeated through the intelligent design and effective delivery of RNA therapeutics. We have created a platform of drug candidates designed to target a variety of tumor types with the objective of significantly improving patient outcomes. Our lead therapeutic candidate, TTX-MC138, is focused on treating metastatic cancer, which causes approximately 90% of all cancer deaths representing over nine million deaths per year worldwide. We believe that TTX-MC138 has the potential to produce regression without recurrence in arange of cancers, including breast, pancreatic, ovarian and colon cancer, glioblastomas and others. Our drug candidates, TTX-siPDL1 and TTX-siLIN28b, focus on the treatment of tumors by targeting PD-L1 and Lin28b, respectively.

For decades, RNA has been a topic of investigation by the scientific community as a potentially attractive therapeutic modality because it can target any gene and it lends itself to rational and straightforward drug design. RNA-based therapeutics are highly selective to their targets with the potentialto unleash a broad array of previously undruggable targets in the human genome. To date, research into RNA efficacy has been limited due to three delivery-related challenges: protecting the RNA from being dismantled by the immune system; maintaining stability so the molecule has time to do its job; and penetrating the targeted organs and cells. We believe these challenges have led researchers to focus on other approaches to cancer therapeutics. Our strategy seeks to overcome these delivery challenges by repurposing a particle used extensively in humans for imaging purposes to deliver synthetic RNA molecules (called oligonucleotides) to cancer cells. Our expectations are matched by our science, which is ambitious but data-driven, revolutionary but realistic, and is fueled by a passion to find a new way to combat and defeat cancer.

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