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Targeted Cell Therapies

Edward Ginns, M.D., Ph.D ,President and CSO
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Targeted Cell Therapies (TCT) is an early-stage Massachusetts-based biotechnology company commercializing a powerful technology platform for the oral delivery of therapeutics. Our technology represents a paradigm shift for the delivery of large molecule therapeutics, enabling oral administration and avoiding the need for injection. Formulations consist of ingestible yeast glucan particles containing therapeutic nucleic acid (nanoplexed DNA or RNA) or protein payload molecules that are selectively taken up by intestinal macrophages. The glucan particle payloads are processed by cellular machinery into active therapeutics as the macrophages migrate to sites of inflammation or pathology in tissues throughout the body. Targeted Cell Therapies lead compound is for Gaucher Disease, the most common lysosomal storage disorder. Other targets include low bone density conditions, metastatic bone disease and inflammatory disorders. By combining macrophage targeting with payload versatility, our technology platform has the potential to offer strategic advantages, including improved efficacy and safety, in the delivery of large molecule therapeutics for a broad range of human conditions.

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