Health & Safety Compliance

MBI lab rentals include access to our Environmental Health & Safety Director, saving your business from hiring an outside consultant.  Developing and maintaining a compliant program can be complicated, time consuming, and expensive, MBI’s EHS support program will guide you through the process efficiently and stress free to save you money.

MBI’s Health and Safety Program will assist you in:

1.   Required Plans & Trainings
2.   Permitting Assistance
3.   Regulatory Compliance and Inspections
4.   Health and Safety Consulting

MBI’s Process for Health and Safety Compliance

1.   Assess Tenant Needs
2.   Assist with Permits
3.   Setup Vendor Contracts (Waste, PPE, etc…)
4.   Develop Compliance Plans
5.   Perform Employee Trainings
6.   Periodic Audits & Inspections to Maintain Programs
7.   Representation During Regulatory Inspections (If Applicable)
8.   Assist with Permit Renewals
9.   Assist Company with Company Specific Needs (Respirators, IBC’s, etc… as needed)

“The MBI Health and Safety Program was developed to keep our tenants in compliance, focused on their science, and to minimize their initial overhead costs”

Michele Pitoniak Crawford
Environmental Health & Safety Director

I would like to commend MBI for their excellent Health and Safety program.  Here at Janus Biotherapeutics we have worked with Michele Crawford to institute safe lab practices and to put in place the various state and city licenses necessary to operate a small biotech business.  In addition the classes on safety that Michele conducts on a regular basis keep us up to date with regulations and safety issues.  We have found Michele to be a pleasure to work with and have found her to very helpful and knowledgeable.  This program, had we needed to institute one of our own, would have required an expenditure of time and money which is, as is the case in most startups, in short supply.

Charlie Zepp
Vice President, Chemistry Janus Biotherapeutics

MBI Health & Safety Program Details

1. Required Plans & Trainings

  • OSHA Chemical Hygiene Program
  • MDEP Hazardous Waste Regulations
  • OSHA Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • OSHA Blood borne Pathogen Standard
  • NIOSH /CDC Biosafety Guidelines
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Radiation Safety (MDPH RCP registered Radiation Safety Consultant)
  • DOT Hazardous Materials Shipping

2. Permitting Assistance

  • Obtaining licensing and permits (Local/ State/ Federal)
  • City of Worcester Flammable Liquid/ Hazardous Materials storage permit
  • City of Worcester Recombinant DNA permit
  • MA Department of Environmental Protection hazardous waste generator Identification number
  • Upper Blackstone Wastewater permit
  • Radiation License with MA Department of Public Health
  • Contracts with vendors to pick up hazardous waste & biological waste
  • Management of documentation such as hazardous waste manifests, medical tracking papers and training certifications

3. Regulatory Compliance and Inspections

  • Maintain chemical inventories
  • Conduct lab inspections
  • Periodic laboratory inspections and compliance audits to identify and correct and deficiencies to prepare you for potential regulatory visits.
  • Oversee programs for hazardous waste management and disposal
  • Environmental Health and Safety Compliance
  • Local, State, and Federal Occupational Safety
  • Environmental regulations

4. Health and Safety Consulting

  • Provide technical assistance with any other company health and safety issue.


To learn more about MBI’s health and safety requirements, please fill out the MBI Prospective Tenant Interview form and submit to our Health and Safety Director, Michele at  Michele will contact you to answer any questions you may have.

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