MBI Biocomputing Center

“Since 1989, Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives (MBI) has been advancing the region’s biomedical infrastructure through sponsored scientific and economic programs and through the development of the MBI Incubator Center. The Biocomputing Center at MBI is the most recent example of MBI’s commitment to the life sciences.”

-MBI Strategic Plan


The Biocomputing Center at MBI is an engineering and educational initiative between MBI, industry, and regional academic institutions. The Center acts as a catalyst for collaborative research leading to new computational tools and techniques for the life sciences. Our staff and advisers are computer and life scientists with expertise in laboratory systems, assay development, informatics, biosimulation, and advanced data mining. High potential methods have been developed for commercial and academic partners involved in both basic and applied research.

The Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives is committed to accelerating Worcester’s development as world-class center for biological research. The Biocomputing Center at MBI is a non-profit biocomputing and software engineering facility that contributes to this important scientific and economic development initiative by providing research support and software application development services to companies and organizations throughout the region.

To learn more about the Informatics and Biocomputing Resources at MBI, please call 508-797-4200 extension 203.

Professional Services

Integration of advanced computational techniques is essential for continued progress in the sciences. The focus of our Professional Services Group is to identify and integrate best-in-class information processing technologies capable of automating the broad range of data management and complex knowledge acquisition strategies required in applied research today. In support of this goal, we utilize a wide variety of internally developed, open source, and commercial off-the-shelf tools and systems for software development and systems integration projects. The center operates under the following project management and software engineering principles:

  • Identify best-in-class tools and technologies to permit rapid integration of rule-based, statistical, and machine learning computational strategies
  • Continually decrease software development complexity by utilizing Agile Development techniques
  • Employ the best architectural strategies, including SoA and SaaS, for maximum flexibility and lower TCO

Our Professional Services Group delivers superior value to the laboratory and to the scientist by providing rapid application software development in support of omic based research initiatives. To learn more about the Informatics and Biocomputing Resources at MBI, please call 508-797-4200 extension 203.

People and Partners


  • Clark University
  • University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Worcester State University
  • Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center


  • Atrius Health
  • Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School


  • Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School Proteomics Consortium


  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Wolfram Research
  • The Mathworks

To learn more about the Informatics and Biocomputing Resources at MBI, please call 508-797-4200 extension 203.

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