MBI Company Successes


Blue Sky BioServices (now known as LakePharma)

2016 Update: Blue Sky BioServices was acquired by LakePharma making them one of the largest dedicated biologics CRO in the US!!  Congratulations Blue Sky!!

In 2002, Blue Sky’s Founder uncovered a high-growth opportunity for extended enterprise research provision in the preclinical space. Many large pharma and biotech were beginning a shift from “Make” to “Buy” for custom research tools such as DNA, proteins, and cell lines. In order to capitalize on this new market space and expedite growth,the Company carefully surveyed several incubator labs in the Cambridge/Worcester Biomedical Corridor. Blue Sky quickly identified MBI as the right choice. MBI offered shared equipment and turnkey labs that are geographically proximal to a rich vein of 2 vital components: 1) Clients and 2)Talent.




Moreover, MBI approached the entrepreneurs at Blue Sky as a partner and not a landlord. The principals at MBI actively contributed to Blue Sky’s growth through networking, advice, and operational support. On the foundation of this relationship with MBI Blue Sky was able to move with high intensity and speed directly toward building a customer-centric laboratory service business, unencumbered by indirect activities associated with fully-owned brick and mortar operations. Indeed, Blue Sky was able to build its client base from 3 in 2003 to over 125 in 2015 and grow its employee pool from 2 to 40 in the same general time frame. The company continues to thrive in its Worcester labs and the partnership with MBI has been a key and continually supportive factor.


Tenant Testimonials




Matrigen, LLC

There are many reasons we chose to launch our company at the MBI’s Innovation Center – state-of-the-art facilities, collaborations with WPI, and a great track record of graduates. But it was their motto of “you take care of business, and we’ll take care of the rest” that appealed to us most. With a management team that is willing to go above and beyond, the MBI helped us develop our core technologies more rapidly than we ever anticipated.

Justin Mih, Sc.D., CEO, Matrigen



“MBI provides infrastructure support for biotechnology start up companies like EpigenDx. MBI helps EpigenDx in many different ways, such as staffing support, facility support, and training support. MBI provides a networking environment among the New England biotech industries.”

Liying Yan, President


cellmosaicCell Mosaic

“MBI has all the elements and support structures that simplified the process of establishment of CellMosaic. With limited resources as a startup company, we were able to focus on our business from the very beginning while MBI provided support for environmental, health, safety, security, and central facility services. As a cluster of new and established biotech companies, MBI fosters the environment of scientific collaboration and assistance. It is also uniquely positioned at the heart of WPI and Univ. of Mass. Medical School, providing easy access to scientific literature, academic collaborators, instrumental resources, and talented interns. It has been a wonderful professional experience working at MBI.”

-Yumei Huang, Ph.D., President & CEO


microbacMicrobac Laboratories

“It is pleasure to be a tenant at the MBI building at 100 Barber Avenue in Worcester, Massachusetts. We moved into our clean, modern laboratory three years ago and have gained much from the MBI relationship. They have provided safety training, informational seminars, and opportunities to network with other scientists and businesses. The support from the MBI staff and management group has been exceptional.”

-Nancy Burnett, Laboratory Director

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