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ClockCoach Inc. is a data analytics company, designing machine-learning algorithms for personalized alignment of circadian body rhythms.  Sleep improvement, optimization of jet lag adaptation and reduction in health risks associated with internal misalignment of circadian rhythms are the principal therapeutic targets.

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Advirna is developing innovative solutions for oligonucleotide delivery to cells ex-vivo and in-vivo.

Our technology platform – self-deliverable RNAi technology (sdRNAi) allows efficient knockdown of genes in hard-to-transfect cell lines ex vivo and in vivo using RNAi interference. sdRNAi technology is based on the deep chemical modification of siRNAs and allows efficient delivery of RNAi into all cell types ex-vivo and to certain organs in vivo. sdRNAi delivery does not require the use of any additional formulation or delivery techniques.





A ChemTek, located at 100 Barber Ave, Worcester MA, provides chemicals, analytical, purification products and services to world-wide pharmaceutical researchers in an Easy, Economic, Efficient& Express way. The major products include Amino Acids, Bioactive Reference Compounds, Nature Products, Building Blocks;  HPLC/prep-HPLC/flash columns, chromatography systems,  TLC, silica gel, syringe filters, vials etc. | 508-471-4121 |








Zata Pharmaceuticals

ZATA is focused on two major programs:  1) ZAP-D Current blood safety approach is based on a large number of tests that do not provide 100% safety. ZAP-D (synthetic compound_ provides full safety by selective elimination of genomic molecules of the pathogens if presented in donated blood.  2) ZATA’s OLIGOTHERAPEUTICS (OT). Cell membranes do not allow for the cellular uptake of negatively charged OT currently used. Low cellular penetration caused multiple OT to fail over the last couple of decades. ZATA’s technology solves this problem. | 508-459-8606 |



yurogenyurogenYurogen Biosystems, LLC

Yurogen Biosystems LLC is a private biotech company based in the Greater Boston area, a world-class biotech and biopharma hub. We are dedicated to produce premium antibodies and antibody-based products to meet broad needs of our clients.

Along with our traditional polyclonal antibody production, Yurogen is commercializing an innovative platform that can efficiently develop monoclonal antibodies from a variety of host animals especially rabbit.

Yurogen is developing a selection of antibodies that are widely used in in vitro diagnostics (IVD) as well as academic research. Our growing list of high quality antibodies are the reliable and cost-efficient tools that you can count on.

Customized antibody services is offered at Yurogen to generate antibodies to meet the needs of our clients. Our state-of-the-art monoclonal antibody screening platform can significantly shorten the antibody screening process and yield high affinity monoclonal antibodies. | 508-735-4822 |

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