MBI 2014 Strategic Plan

In 2014, the Board of MBI conducted a Strategic Vision Planning Process.  The Strategic Plan set the course for MBI moving forward.  The Strategic Plan can be viewed here:

MBI 2014 Strategic Plan



Report to the Community

MBI completes an annual report to the community on its current economic development and incubator operation statistics.

Report to the Community





Enhancing Biomanufacturing in Massachusetts

MBI is pleased to announce the release of “Enhancing Biomanufacturing which chronicles the recommendations of our Central Massachusets Biomanufacturing Summit held on November 2nd, 2015 at the AbbVie Bioresearch Center.  MBI is dedicated to advancing the Report’s Plan of Action.

Enhancing Biomanufacturing in Massachusetts




super_cluster_croppedSuper Cluster: Perspective on Enhancing Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Employment Opportunities

In 2013, MBI, MassBIO, the Foundation for the Advancement of Personalized Medicine Manufacturing and Price Water House Cooper (PWC) conducted an analysis of the Central Massachusetts region and it’s potential for Biomanufacturing.  The report concluded the Central Massachusetts has a strong potential for expanding it’s biomanufacturing due to its workforce, access, and affordability.

Super Cluster Report




2013_biomedical_impact_croppedBiomedical Economic Impact Analysis

In 2013, a group of WPI students completed this analysis of the economic impact of the biomedical industry on the Worcester/ Cambridge Biomedical Corridor.

Biomedical Economic Impact Analysis



mbi_comparative_data_croppedMBI Comparative Incubator Analysis

In 2012, a team of WPI Students completed a comparative analysis of MBI compared to other incubators in the industry for benchmarking purposes.  The summary can be found here:

MBI Comparative Incubator Analysis




MassBIO Reports


massbio_impact_croppedMassBIO Impact 2020:

View Report






massbio_industry_croppedMassBIO Industry Snapshot 2015

View Report



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